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' Pictorial record on 6 repeated journeys to southern Japan '

Diagrammatic installation map         ---> Click on red circles for pictures of each site.

Six bi-monthly journeys beginning at the end of January, then March, May, July, September and last November from my studio in Kyoto-Yamashina first up to the Sea of Japan and then down through Shikoku and Kyushu Islands. The sites had been mainly chosen as being 'sanctuaries' of the original nature of Japan, with so-called potential vegetation. They would show most clearly the time-space evolution.

This project consists of 6 sets of color photographs, 49x73mm in plexiglass frames. For Installations like in Lisbon they were mounted directly on the wall following the maps principle. The present Web Pages are direct scans of the originals in a adapted presentation.

© 1978, 2001 Bernard F.E.Besson

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